Faculty & Staff


Ms. Anesha Pittman, M.Ed.
Christopher Cantey
Position: Principal Position: Assistant Principal
email: apittman@wogca.org  email: ccantey@wogca.org
Phone: 919-834-8200 ext 2227 Phone: 919-834-8200 ext 2228
Mrs. Anderson – Administration Assistant   – Athletic Director
Position – Administration Assist/Finance  Position – Athletic Director
email: aanderson@wogca.org  email:
Phone: 919-834-8200  Phones: 919-834-8200 ext 2237
Sandra Barrios
Position: Academy Secretary  Position: Resource Director/Summer Camp Director
email: sbarrios@wogca.org  email: 
Phone: 919-834-8200  919-834-8200

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