Enrollment Process

Our Application, Admission, & Enrollment Process

Tour our campus & speak with an Admissions Representative

Complete the Enrollment Application & Submit the Application Fee($100.00)


Submit all report cards from past 3 years and/or High School Transcript to Admissions Office


 Pay Fees Due & Sign Statement of Conduct


Student Assignments made to teacher(Elementary)

Class Schedules Assigned(Middle & High School)


Attend Orientation

Other Important Enrollment Information

A child is considered enrolled once the first month’s tuition, and other applicable fees, i.e. resource and curriculum fees are paid as well as the Statement of Conduct & previous grades are confirmed.


 Based on a student’s academic history, WOGCA reserves the right to subject a prospective student or a returning student to a screening/entrance exam to determine if WOGCA will be able to meet that student’s academic needs. The Admissions Office will advise the parent and student of the need and time for testing. Screening/entrance exams will focus on the areas of Mathematics and English/Language.

Provisional Acceptance(Due to Academic and/or Behavioral Requirements)
If an applicant does not fully meet the minimum requirements of WOGCA, its Board of Directors will determine if he or she should be granted admission and, if so, what stipulations should be imposed. Stipulations may include grade retention and/or granting conditional acceptance, which places the student on Behavioral and/or Academic Probation(Daily tutorials required)

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